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6 Meine Pflanzen

last updated Jan 28, 2014, 9:42:55 PM

Flamingo flower

Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium andraeanum or Flamingo flower is a striking and exotic looking plant. It's a large plant t...


Japanese Astilbe 'Montgomery'

Astilbe japonica 'Montgomery'

Astilbe japonica 'Montgomery' or Astilbe 'Montgomery' has stunning cherry red flowers that grow in p...


Lady Banks rose

Rosa banksiae var. normalis

Just like its Double White cousin, Rosa banksiae var. normalis brings no shortage of elegance to a g...


China Rose

Rosa x odorata

With one of the longest flowering periods, Rosa x odorata is ideal for those who want a sustained fl...


Peace lily

Spathiphyllum wallisii

Elegant blossoms and lush greenery, there is a lot that explains exactly why spathiphyllum wallisii ...

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