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6 Gob-smacking container ar

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To make the elderly relatives expire with envy


Achillea ptarmica

Achillea ptarmica is also known as Sneezeweed or Sneezewort. The word ptarmica is a Greek word meani...


Japanese Astilbe 'Montgomery'

Astilbe japonica 'Montgomery'

Astilbe japonica 'Montgomery' or Astilbe 'Montgomery' has stunning cherry red flowers that grow in p...


Fuchsia begonia

Begonia fuchsioides

This delicate, pink flowered plant is ideal for conservatories, or in containers that can be transfe...


Fairy Wings

Epimedium pubigerum

As soon as you see the blooms of Epimedium pubigerum you’ll see why it’s also known as Fairy Wings. ...

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