Websites are People too

Here at 99Roots we work our bulbs off to make you happy. We're writing, testing, presenting, inspiring, shooting, filming and researching everyday. We also drink tea and eat sometimes, but mainly it's work, we swear. So here's a list of those hard-working individuals that keep 99Roots green and hopefully keep you happy.

Robin Simon

CEO, Head of all things fun

Robin is the proud owner of four indoor plants. He managed to keep them alive for two years already and if things go right he might adopt a fifth one. Times are challenging. At 99roots he takes care of Marketing, IT and all things creative. Outside the world of plants he is an active musician, dog-appreciator and travel-madman. His favorite plant: Daucus carota subsp. sativus.

Natasha Starkell (Jaeger)

CEO, Head of all things complicated

Natasha has a garden. That's a plus. She also knows a lot about its inhabitants, her cat Susie and some other things, like finance, organization and how to run 99roots.com. When she's not pruning trees or adding plant profiles to 99roots she hangs out with her kids or enjoys a green tea at Sternschanze in Hamburg. Her favorite plant: Paeonia Lactiflora.

Armin Seltz

UX/Design-guy, also pretty cute

Armin knows how to choose the right font for the word "plant". That's why he's responsible for the design and UX of 99roots (yeah, exciting). He loves panda bears, dogs and tuna for different reasons. After living in Abu Dhabi and Cardiff he's now spending his salary on living in Zurich. His favorite plant: Acer Japonicum.

Madelène Smit

Marketing, grows communities like gardens

Madelène is taking care of Social Media Marketing activities for 99roots. She's the fresh wind in our garden and keeps digital seeds growing. When she's not feeding hungry young gardeners with amazing content she's roaming the dutch Sushi-scene or cooking six-course menus for her family. Her favorite plant: Lillium speciosum.

Emily Hutchinson

Content Creation. No Emily, no database

Emily is our chief plant-information creator. Without her 99roots would be as functional as Greece. When she's not gardening her main hobby is entering and winning competitions, of course. She also takes care of three lovely cats, a couple of gaming consoles, some cooking books and her walking boots.

Julian Linke

Fun Writer. Super Editor.

If you find offending plant descriptions, thank Julian. He's the mastermind behind many of our unearthly written pages. Whenever he's not being funny he usually kicks the soccer ball, organizes events or talks in 200 languages. That's about it.

Anna Duffy

Fun Writer. Content Executive.

There's nothing Anna can't do. She's superwoman when it comes to creating content for us. Writing blog posts, descriptions and database entries - she's more then just one out of 99roots. Her private time is spent dancing (in a variety of styles) to the victories of her favorite team, Newcastle United.

Maciej Banaszek

Front-End & Development

As a frontend-developer Maciej makes 99roots.com look like we want it: just awesome. As a backend-developer (yes, he can do both) his main mission is "with the slightest disturbance 99Roots ain't gonna collapse". His biggest garden achievement was to create a rockery in pre-school. His the biggest addictions are music festivals & premier league. His favorite plant: The mighty Christmas Tree

Zoë Holliday

Punster & Funster

Living as she does in a flat with no balcony in a cold Scottish city, Zoë is an unlikely choice of writer for a plant website. She started gardening at the age of 10 when she grew a strange combination of pansies, hebes, and some (unintentionally) bonsai carrots in a corner of her parents’ garden. When not writing for 99roots, Zoë spends her time cycling and drinking tea. Favourite plant: daffodil