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This description is for Zea mays: It is hard to imagine Zea Mays being used as anything other than a crop - and youd be right. Better known as simply Sweetcorn, it has distinctive mid to dark green foliage, with long, broad, lance-shaped leaves growing from thick, strong stems that can grow quite tall. But it is its golden yellow fruit - its ears or cobs of corn - that is of chief interest. They ripen in summer inside fibrous pods. Best grown in deep, moist but well-drained and slightly acidic soil, it needs a large amount of sun in order to ripen and usually needs extra watering too. It also needs shelter from damaging winds, which is why it is usually sown in square plots.
Standort sonnig
Flower seeds April-Mai
Pflanzzeit ca. 150cm
Ernte September-Oktober
Höhe Colour