Viola x wittrockiana Orchideenblüten

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This description is for Viola x wittrockiana: Viola wittrockiana youll probably know as the pansy. With their gorgeous colours, pansies almost seem to have a cheery personality of their own. Easy to grow, they brighten up any border. Theyre small and low growing, with flowers in a huge array of colours, usually around 3 inches in diameter. The pansy has four petals at the top of the flower head and one below. The flowers are saucer shaped and usually have a different colour towards the middle of the petals, making the pansy look almost like it has a face. Theyll grow best in a sunny spot, with well-drained soil. The word pansy comes from the French word pensée which means thought.
Wuchshöhe ca. 20 cm
Standort sonnig
Blütezeit September bis Dezember/ März bis Mai
Flower seeds Juni bis Juli
Colour Colour