Viola sororia Freckles

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Product description

This description is for Viola sororia: Viola sororias life may be shorter than that of others in the genus, but it is no less impressive because of it. Its dark green foliage, usually oval and scalloped, sits in basal rosettes close to the ground, and when the flowers bloom in spring, it brings a flood of violet blue blossoms to the fore. It is known as the Woolly Blue Violet because its petals are actually white but heavily speckled with violet, giving the petals a soft, woolly quality. It is best to grow in a container under glass in winter then transplant to moist but well-drained soil in spring. Popular as edging and underplanting, pruning the spent flower heads is recommended.
Topfgröße 9x9 cm
Colour weiß mit violetten Sprenkeln, gelb
Wuchshöhe 15 cm
Standort halbschattig-schattig