Viola cornuta Twix Mix

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This description is for Viola cornuta: One of the more distinct species in the Viola genus, Viola cornuta includes cultivars that sport luxurious mixtures of colours but that is not what stands out about it. Known as the Horned Pansy, the small evergreen perennial produces flowers with the expected five petals, but two of which are lanced-shaped and extend upwards, much like horns. It comes usually in sky blue, lavender and purple, and as good spreaders, the Horned Pansy can be quick to cover a large area. It thrives in moist but well-drained soil, and since it is happy in light shade can be an excellent option for underplanting. Pruning after flowering is recommended.
Standort sonnig-halbschattig
Blütezeit September bis November/März bis Juni
Flower seeds Juni-Anfang August
Winterhart Colour
immergrün ca. 15 cm