Viburnum opulus

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Viburnum opulus goes by many other names including Guelder rose, snowball tree and cramp bark. Its also called European cranberry bush but it isnt actually a cranberry, it just bears similar looking berries. It grows to about 15 feet tall. The leaves have three lobes and toothed edges. It grows clusters of white flowers and bright red fruit. It likes moist alkaline soil best, but it will grow okay in most soil types. The fruits are slightly toxic but can be eaten in small quantities, although theyre pretty acidic to the taste. This plant is a national symbol of the Ukraine and it features widely in Ukrainian folklore.
Topfgröße 5 l.
Wuchshöhe bis 2 -3 m
Blütezeit Juli-August
Höhe Vogelschutz- und Nährgehölz, Blütenhecken