Valerianella locusta Gala

Vegetable seeds
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This description is for Valerianella locusta: Valerianella locusta is also known as Corn Salad or Lambs Lettuce. The edible foliage is dark green in colour and grows in rosettes, close to the ground. Its a good salad vegetable, especially as it has three times as much vitamin C as lettuce. It contains many other vitamins too. The name Corn Salad comes from the fact that it often grows as a weed in wheat fields. It has been eaten in Europe for centuries, being a winter food foraged by peasants. Commercial growth of lambs lettuce was thought to have started in London around the late 18th century.
Standort gedeiht auf jedem Gartenboden
Vegetable seeds ganzjährig möglich
Erntezeit Herbst-Winter, auch ganzjährig