Thymus pulegioides

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Product description

The key difference between Thymus pulegioides and other species of Thyme is the size of its leaves. Commonly called Broadleaf Thyme, its foliage is larger than the thin, almost needle-like leaves on other members of the genus. In fact, its mid-green, oval shaped leaves are certainly more prominent. The semi-woody bush grows very low to the ground, and in summer, displays vivid purple and lilac flowers on short erect stems. A lover of moist, slightly alkaline soil, Broadleaf Thyme makes for excellent edging, and can quickly settle on gravel beds and in rockeries. Pruning, and in particular deadheading, in early spring can promote growth.
Herbs Organic certification code
Sun to partial shade Hardy?
DE-ÖKO-006 Organic certification code, Height
20 cm Sun requirements