Thunbergia alata

Flower seeds
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When looking to cover that boring exterior wall with some inviting foliage, it is impossible to go wrong with Thunbergia alata. Better known as the Black-eyed Susan Vine, its flower is similar in appearance to another of the same common name - the Rudbeckia genus - but it can climb walls, trellises and other surfaces. Its thick mid-green foliage comprises a multitude of glossy, furrowed heart-shaped leaves, but its flowers are the real eye-catcher. Emerging in summer, the flowers are bright orange with a distinctive black eye in the centre. The Black-eyed Susan Vine thrives in well-drained soil, and full sun, and its long thin vines can be easily trained.
Standort ca. 100-150 cm, sonnig
Blütezeit Juni-Oktober
Flower seeds Februar-März
Wuchshöhe Colour