Taxus baccata Renkes Kleiner Grüner

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This description is for Taxus baccata: Taxus baccata or Common Yew is an evergreen tree that grows to 20 metres in height. The trunk can be up to 2 metres in diameter. The trunk is brown with thin bark that flakes off in scales. The leaves are dark green, thin and narrow and grow around the tree in a spiral. The leaves are highly poisonous. It grows yellow flowers in the springtime then in autumn it bears red berries. Yews are slow growing and have a long life. Its hard to determine the actual age of a yew tree as the trunks often hollow out with age making it impossible to count the rings. It is thought that some living yew trees are around 2000 years old.
Pflanzung als Einfassungshecke (Grabumrandung) 6-7 Pflanzen pro Meter
Blütezeit Mai-Juni
Liefergröße 9 cm Topf
Höhe Der beste Buchsbaum Ersatz!