Saxifraga Pixie

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This description is for Saxifraga: A genus with some 440 species, there is no shortage of options of Saxifraga to consider. Translating to Stone Breaker, many are at home growing in rockeries, gravel or even paved areas, but it is the vibrant-coloured small flowers that bloom usually in late spring, that it is loved for. Low-growing and small, its foliage is usually closely clumped together, with some varieties featuring tiny needle-like leaves and others, sticky round leaves. The foliage can also be mound-shaped or ground hugging, like a moss. Most like moist but well-drained soil, but different varieties have their own needs. Pruning can vary, though removing spent flower stalks is always useful.
Topfgröße 9x9cm
Colour rot
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