Sambucus nigra

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Sambucus nigra is more commonly known as Elder or Elderberry. Its a small tree growing between around four and six metres tall. It has rough grey furrowed bark, green leaves and small white flowers. It produces small dark purple berry fruits that hang in clusters on deep red stalks. The berries are edible when ripe, great for making jams or elderberry wine. Dont eat them too young though as they are poisonous until fully mature. The flowers are also edible and have a distinctive sweet taste and so are often used as a flavouring for cordials or ice cream. The leaves are usually plain green, though there are some varieties that have variegated leaves. Elderberries have been traditionally used to cure flu and bronchitis, and studies show this it does indeed have some impact on the speed at which a person recovers from Type A Flu.
Topfgröße 5 L Container
Blütezeit Mai- September
Verkaufsgröße ca. 60 cm
Bemerkungen Früchte essbar
Höhe sonnig-halbschattig