Salvia x sylvestris Viola Klose

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Product description

This description is for Salvia x sylvestris: Like many in the Salvia genus, Salvia x sylvestris has a distinct central spike that grows erect, and there is little doubt this is the eye-catching quality that attracts gardeners. With a lance of vivid violet–pink blossoms on offer, it’s not hard to acknowledge the attraction of Salvia x sylvestris. More commonly called Wood Sage, its mid-green, lightly scented foliage is a mass of large, wrinkled, hairy leaves. It loves fertile and moist though well-drained soil, and plenty of sun. Pruning will prolong flowering, so removing fading spikes is advised.
Topfgröße 13 cm
Colour dunkelblau, erst weiß, dann feuerrot
Wuchshöhe 35 cm
Standort sonnig