Rosa The Fairy

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Rosa The Fairy is a very pretty dwarf rose with an abundance of small double flowers that are a gorgeous light pink colour, about 2.5cm in diameter. The leaves are lovely too, a rich green colour and glossy. When the flowers have finished youll have bright red or purple rose hips that are attractive in their own right. This rose has been given the RHS Award for Garden Merit. It will grow well in any type of soil as long as it is well-drained and moist. It needs lots of sunshine so make sure you choose a sunny spot for it. It will grow to about a metre in height. This is a variety that is easy to grow.
Eigenschaften sehr gute Blattgesundheit, für Halbschatten ideal, dicht gefüllte Blüten
Colour Colour
Groundcover roses 4 Liter Container
Blattgesundheit gut
Gesamthöhe inkl. Topf bis 80 cm