Rosa Honeymilk

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This description is for Rosa: Rosa or rose is a genus that certainly doesnt need an introduction. Popular the world over, roses are prized for their beauty and are a symbol of love, especially on St Valentines Day. There are many species of rose, some grow as shrubs, others are climbers. They usually have sharp thorns and they have attractive flower heads, with velvety petals in a wide array of colours. Of course they are the ultimate cut flower and theyre also grown for use in the perfume industry. Roses have featured widely in art and literature. Roses can be easy to grow but they do need pruning and they are often prone to pests.
Eigenschaften leichter Winterschutz nötig, öfter blühend
Colour Colour
Miniature roses 3,5 Liter Container
Blattgesundheit mittel-gut
Wuchshöhe 40 bis 50 cm