Rhododendron Maruschka

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This description is for Rhododendron: The name Rhododendron comes from the Greek for rose tree, although it isnt a rose it has a similar look. Its a large genus, there are more than a thousand species of rhododendron and nearly all of them have large and impressive flowers. There are various sized rhododendron species , from shrubs to large trees. The largest has been recorded at 98 feet tall! The flowers are usually quite showy, with lots of petals and there are many colours, from white to orange or red. They can be susceptible to pests, especially caterpillars. They prefer acidic well-drained soil. Rhododendrons are toxic, they can be harmful to cattle and people have even been known to become ill after eating honey made by bees collecting nectar from rhododendrons.
Topfgröße 4 L Co.
Wuchshöhe Colour
Colour Mai-Juni
Liefergröße in cm 30/40
Standort halbschattig-schattig