Prunus padus

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Guaranteed to catch the eye in any mature garden, the Prunus paduscan produces an array of vibrant colours throughout the year. Also called the Hackberry tree, it sports long, slender clusters of small white flowers when in bloom, filling the air with a gentle almond scent. The foliage changes from a fulsome shade of lush green, to light green in summer, then to a golden yellow in the autumn. Its fruit is bitter to taste but is ideal for jams and tarts. Plant in well-drained soil for the best results, and pruning in mid-summer is preferable.
Merkmal robust
Topfgröße 5 l.
Wuchshöhe bis 5 -7 m
Befruchtersorte Vogelschutz- und Nährgehölz, Blütenhecken