Potentilla Monarchs Velvet

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Product description

This description is for Potentilla: As a genus, Potentilla has about 180 species to its name, comprising annual, biennial and perennial flowering evergreen shrubs, so there is no shortage of options to fit your vision of your own garden. Also know as Cinquefoil, it usually features a deep green foliage sprinkled with small but vibrant five-petalled yellow flowers. Low growing and low maintenance, the Potentilla is at home in most soil types, from clay to rocky and can survive transplanting several times. It’s often grown as a hedgerow, offering bright, rich edging around lawns and paths. Pruning is recommended to ensure healthy growth.
Topfgröße 13 cm
Colour himbeerrot
Standort sonnig
Blütezeit Juni-Juli
Höhe 40 cm