Pieris japonica Mountain Fire

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This description is for Pieris japonica: Pieris japonica or lily-of-the-valley bush is a species of shrub that brings the party to your garden. These plants know how to dress for the occasion as well, featuring an explosion of stunning red, white or pink flowers shaped like urns on a backdrop of vibrant red, green or bronze foliage that is sure to dazzle onlookers. Lily-of-the-valley bush does well in fertile, acidic soil that has good drainage and is kept moist. For additional plant care compost can be added to the soil. This species grows in full sunlight and partial shade and like a true social butterfly it does well in a variety of locations. Plant it as a hedge or screen or give it free run of a slope. Alternatively let it mix things up in borders or create an air of revelry on your patio as a container plant.
Topfgröße 2L Container
Colour Colour
Verkaufsgröße 25-30cm
Standort sonnig-halbschattig