Penstemon heterophyllus True Blue

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Product description

This description is for Penstemon heterophyllus: The incredibly beautiful flowers of Penstemon heterophyllus, also known as Foothill penstemon, are sure to have people pausing in delight to admire them. The flowers are shaped like trumpets and are available in shades of blue and purple. This plant is best suited to well-drained loamy, chalky or sandy soil and should be placed in areas of full sunlight. Whether you’re looking to design a garden that is small or large, the Foothill penstemon can be used to great advantage thanks to its striking colours and versatility. This plant does well in beds and borders and is an enchanting addition to city and courtyard gardens as well as more informal cottage gardens and rock gardens.
Standort sonnig
Blütezeit Sommer, August-Oktober
Aussaattermin Februar bis Anfang Juni
Höhe ca. 45 cm