Papaver orientale ‘Coral Reef’

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This description is for Papaver orientale: Papaver or poppy is a genus of around 100 species. They are flowering plants with delicate papery petals, in red, purple, orange or yellow. They sometimes have a darker patch of colour in the middle. Poppies have been prevalent throughout history. Evidence of them dates back to 5000BC and they have been found in Egyptian tombs. It has many medicinal uses and it is from the poppy that we get morphine and codeine. The poppy has been used as a symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers since 1920. Poppies are hardy plants and are pretty easy to grow. They like plenty of sunshine and will grow in most types of soil as long as it has good drainage.
Wuchshöhe 80 cm
80 cm Sonne
Blütezeit Sommer
Flower seeds Frühling oder Spätsommer
Colour mix