Paeonia officinalis Alba plena

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This description is for Paeonia officinalis: An attractive, bushy herbaceous deciduous perennial, Paeonia officinalis is one of the most popular flowering garden plants because of its combination of dark green foliage and large summery blossoms. Its leaves have five to nine narrow, lance-shaped leaflets, providing dense cover in beds, slopes or embankments. In early summer, it produces large, deep pink or crimson, bowl-shaped blossoms with golden yellow centres. Some cultivars, like Rubra Plena, can have double flowers, creating a dense, frilly half-globe of colour. Commonly known as the European Peony, it grows best in humus-rich, moist but well drained soil. Superb for informal gardens, pruning away dead foliage in late autumn is recommended.
3 litres Pot size, Colour
White Flowering time
Perennials Pot size
From May until June Height