Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon

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This description is for Ocimum basilicum: Ocimum basilicum youll likely know as the culinery herb basil. Originally from India, basil is used in a lot of Italian dishes. The name basil comes from the Greek word basileus meaning king, Basil is a very versatile ingredient. The leaves can easily be blanched and frozen so you can use it at your leisure. Its gorgeous eaten fresh, added to a sandwich for example, or cooked in a dish for added flavour. Add it at the last minute though as cooking reduces the intensity of the flavour. It is the main ingredient of pesto, which is also easy to make yourself. Basil is very sensitive to cold so it is best grown indoors on a windowsill unless you live in a very warm climate. It is also very prone to aphids.
Standort sonnig, warm
Winterhart nein
Lebenszyklus einjährig
Code Bio Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-006
Höhe 40 cm