Mentha spicata

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A deciduous perennial, Mentha spicata is another highly popular species of mint, not only when it comes to filling your summer garden with a delectable aroma, but when flavouring drinks and food. Commonly known as Spearmint, it earns its name courtesy of the spear-shaped leaves that grow abundantly along its tall, mid-green stem. Serrated and deeply veined, they provide the unmistakable spearmint fragrance when crushed. A vigorous spreader, the Spearmint produces attractive floral spikes in summer featuring small, pale purple, lilac or white blossoms. It thrives in moist soil in full sun, making it ideal for planting near water features, so long as the ground is well drained. Pruning by cutting back after flowering helps contain its spread.
Standort sonnig-halbschattig
Winterhart ja
Lebenszyklus mehrjährig
Code Bio Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-006
Höhe 80 cm