Mentha rotundifolia Variegata

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Product description

This description is for Mentha rotundifolia: A hybrid of Mentha longifolia and Mentha suaveolens, Mentha rotundifolia is often referred to by the common name Apple Mint, but as it is also the common name of its parent, Mentha suaveolens, it’s sometimes identifies as False Apple Mint. Both provide a rich apple scent when the stems are broken, but a refreshing mint when its foliage is crushed. But since its foliage is more rounded than ovate, it also known as the Round-leaved Mint. A summer bloomer, it produces stout floral spikes covered in small, pale purple or lilac blossoms. Used to flavour food and drink, the Round-leaved Mint thrives in moist soil in partial shade, and is ideally located close to water features, as long as the ground is well drained. Pruning by cutting back after flowering helps contain its spread.
Herbs Organic certification code
Sun to partial shade Hardy?
DE-ÖKO-006 Organic certification code, Height
40 cm Sun requirements