Malus domestica Golden Delicious

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Malus domestica Golden Delicious is one of the most popular varieties of apple in the world. An attractive tree in its own right, it will grow to around 8 metres in height, taking 5-10 years to reach maturity. Youll get lots of lovely apple blossom, followed by an abundance of small to medium sized yellowy green apples that are very crisp and juicy. You can eat these apple straight from the tree without having to cook them first. Youll get the most fruit from this tree if you plant it in the sunniest spot in your garden. When planting, bear in mind that it will benefit from a space around the trunk of around half a metre.
Merkmal toller Winterapfel
Topfgröße 10 l.
Befruchtersorte Alkmene, Cox Orange Renette
10 l. Ende September
Geschmack saftig, süß nach Mango, Banane und apfeltypisch