Malus domestica Dülmener Rosenapfel

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This description is for Malus domestica: Malus domestica youll know as the apple tree. What you might not know is that its actually a member of the rose family. With its tasty edible fruit, its a very common and popular tree grown both in the garden and for commercial purposes. The trees are small, growing no taller than 9 metres in height and they have attractive white or pink blossom as well as the fruits so its a good multi-purpose garden tree. There are more than 7500 types of apple tree, some have fruit that can be eaten straight from the tree, others bear fruit for cooking and yet more are perfect for making cider with. Around 70 tonnes of apples are produced per year worldwide, about half of this is grown in China. It is thought that the apple tree is the earliest fruit tree to be cultivated and is mentioned in many historical texts.
Merkmal sehr frosthart
Topfgröße 10 l.
Befruchtersorte Weißer Klarapfel
Erntezeit September
Geschmack wohlschmeckende Tafelsorte