Lonicera x brownii Dropmore Scarlet

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Product description

This description is for Lonicera x brownii: Like most of this genus, Lonicera x brownii is a deciduous vigorous climber that’s ideal for covering walls or trellises. A hybrid of Lonicera sempervirens and Lonicera hirsute, it’s often referred to as Brown’s Honeysuckle, but is more commonly called the Scarlet Trumpet Honeysuckle because of the clusters of drooping scarlet, trumpet-shaped blossoms it produces in summer. These highly fragrant clusters hang from single stems from two fused oval leaves. In late autumn, these blossoms make way for fiery orange berries. A lover of moist and well-drained soils, the Scarlet Trumpet Honeysuckle is tender to frost so requires a sheltered location. Pruning to maintain shape is advised.
Remarks Colour
Topfgröße 2L Container
Blütezeit Juni-Oktober
Verkaufsgröße 80-100 cm
Geschmack sehr aromatisch, ähnlich der Heidelbeere