Lavandula Edelweiss

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This description is for Lavandula: There is no mystery to the great attraction to Lavandula, better known as Lavender. In summer, its pleasant aroma wafts through the evening air. A perennial subshrub, it boasts 39 species in all, though its distinctive light blue or purple colour is generally consistent throughout the range. The key difference between the species is the foliage, with colours ranging from mid-green to grey-green and leaves that can be pinnate, serrated or just simple in structure. Low-growing, its colourful tubular blossoms emerge thick on floral spikes. Lavender thrives in well-drained soil in full sun, and in sheltered locations. It’s excellent for beautifying rockeries or slopes, and is ideal for informal gardens.
Topfgröße 9x9cm
Blütezeit Juli- September
Versandeinheit 3 Lavendel
Lieferhöhe ca. 20 cm
Höhe sonnig