Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Pink

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Product description

This description is for Lavandula angustifolia: Lavandula angustifolia youll know as Lavender or English Lavender, a traditional English plant although it actually originated from the western Mediterranean. Its a highly fragrant shrub that has been frequently used for medical purposes and has culinary uses too. Its easy to grow, will survive with very little watering and is frost resistant. The purple flowers give off a strong fragrance so plant it where you pass it by often. The dried flowers can be harvested as they retain their strong scent, and can be used indoors to fragrance a room, added to your bathwater, or put into bags to scent your clothes in your drawers or wardrobe.
Topfgröße 13 cm
Colour violettrosa
Standort sonnig
Blütezeit Juli-August
Höhe 50 cm