Lathyrus odoratus Painted Lady

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This description is for Lathyrus odoratus: Lathyrus odoratus or sweet pea is a pretty flowering plant. Dont confuse it with the peas we eat, this plant isnt edible. The seed pods however resemble those of the edible pea. Its a climbing plant that will grow up to about six feet in height. It has clinging tendrils that will attach to a trellis or canes. The sweet pea we know today, with its many colours was developed by Henry Eckford. In the 17th century. The flowers have a lovely strong scent. If you want a bushier plant with more flowers then pinch out the new shoots regularly. Aphids are a notorious problem with sweet peas so keep an eye out for them.
From the end of March until May Planting time, Flowering time
Light pink Height
Climbers Planting time
From July until October Colour