Ipomoea batatas Sweet Caroline Light Green

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Product description

This description is for Ipomoea batatas: Ipomoea batatas is commonly known as sweet potato vine. It’s a tender perennial that grows to a height of 1ft, but is sprawling in nature, covering up to 10ft. It rarely flowers, but is grown for its tuberous roots that can be harvested for the kitchen. I. batatas should be grown in full sun and provided with well draining but consistently moist soil. Sweet potato vine is grown from previous tubers that can be placed in a jar of water in the spring to encourage new growth. Tubers should be planted into fertile ground for maximum harvests. Ornamental varieties of I. batatas are also available, providing interesting ground cover specimens.
Topfgröße 12 cm
Höhe 30-40 cm
Standort sonnig, warm, sehr wuchsfreudig