Hosta tardiana El Nino

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Product description

This description is for Hosta tardiana: Hosta tardiana is an herbaceous perennial that grows up to 2ft in height. Large leaves in green or bluish colours are complimented by tall flower stalks in August. These are covered in showy pale lavender blooms that provide structure and additional interest to this lovely plant. H. tardiana prefers a shady position to be grown in, and can tolerate deep shade. Soil should be well draining yet retain a lot of moisture. It’s more resistant to damage from slugs and snails than many other hosta species. H. tardiana is ideal for shady flowerbeds and borders, and can be grown well in containers if extra protection from pests is required.
Topfgröße 1L Container
Colour Colour
Standort schattig
Blütezeit Juli-August
Höhe 30-40