Hibiscus syriacus Woodbridge

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This description is for Hibiscus syriacus: Native to Asia, Hibiscus syriacus is also known as rose of Sharon and rose mallow. It can grow to 13 feet in height. It has pink trumpet shaped flowers with large protruding yellow anthers. The flowers only last a day, but they keep blooming all over the summer. It seeds easily and so is sometimes considered invasive. This species is the national flower of Korea where it has always grown. It was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. It will grow in most soil types, with a preference for moist soil with good drainage. Grow this one in full sun or partial shade.
Topfgröße 4,5L Container
70 cm 1,50-2m
Colour Colour
Verkaufsgröße 70 cm
Blütezeit Juni-September