Hibiscus Blue Bird

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This description is for Hibiscus: There are hundreds of species in the hibiscus genus. Theyre known for their bright showy funnel shaped flowers and are native to warmer, tropical climates. Hibiscus come in many sizes, from small plants to shrubs and trees. They have oval leaves that usually have a toothed edge. The flowers come in all sorts of colours, including red, yellow, pink white and orange and purple and are between 4cm and 18cm in diameter. With some species, the colour of the flowers changes with age. Hibiscus flowers are often used to make a tea and they can also be candied to create an attractive garnish for dishes.
Topfgröße 4,5L Container
70 cm halbschattig- schattig
Winterhart Colour
Verkaufsgröße 70 cm
Blütezeit Juli-August