Hemerocallis Stella dOro

Wild Flowers
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This description is for Hemerocallis: Hemerocallis is a group of herbaceous perennial species commonly known as daylilies. Growing to a height of around 2.5ft when in flower, Hemerocallis flower during the summer months, producing trumpet shaped blooms that are yellow and orange in colour. It also has sword-like green leaves for additional interest. Daylilies are best suited to a position in full sun or partial shade that has well draining and fertile soil. However, Hemerocallis can tolerate heavy clay and poor soils as long as it’s provided with moisture to really thrive. It’s ideal for herbaceous borders and partially shady flowerbeds that need brightening up with both foliage and flowers.
Golden yellow Flowering time
1 litre Pot size, Colour
From June until October Height
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