Hebe Red Edge

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This description is for Hebe: Hebe is a group of evergreen shrubs that are native to various parts of the world including French Polynesia, New Zealand and South America. Varieties range from small dwarf species that grow no taller than 0.5ft, to small trees that can reach 18ft or more. Often characterised by their flower spikes, Hebe bloom during spring and summer and produce clusters of white, pink or purple flowers. Hebe is best grown in a sunny or partially shady spot that has well draining soil. It’s very good for coastal gardens as it’s tolerant to salt spray. Hebe also make good ground cover and herbaceous border plants, making it a versatile garden specimen.
Topfgröße 12 cm
Winterhart ja
Verwendung als Gartenpflanze, für Kübel, Kästen, Wintergarten
Lieferhöhe der Pflanze 15 cm
Standort halbschattig- sonnig