Hebe rakaiensis

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A compact evergreen shrub that grows in an attractive mound, Hebe rakaiensis is a popular option for groundcover on embankments and in beds. Often referred to as Rakai Hebe, it’s probably most commonly known as Shrubby Veronica, with its bright green foliage growing thick and erect with rigid leaves stacked densely upon each other. In summer, it produces small floral spike covered in tiny white blossoms. Hardy enough to suit urban gardens, Rakai Hebe thrives in poor soil as long as it’s moist, well-drained and slightly alkaline. It’s tender to frost so a sheltered location is best. Pruning is not necessary but removing dead branches in spring is advised.
Topfgröße 12 cm
Winterhart ja
Verwendung als Gartenpflanze, für Kübel, Kästen, Wintergarten
Lieferhöhe der Pflanze 15 cm
Standort halbschattig- sonnig