Hebe ochracea

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Product description

Hebe ochracea is a small bushy and evergreen shrub that grows to a height of around 2.5ft. In the late spring months, H. ochracea develops small white flowers that contrast beautifully with the plant’s ochre-coloured leaves. H. ochracea grows well in both partial shade and full sun, and should be planted in well draining soil that retains moisture. It’s slowing growing, making it an ideal dwarf hebe for large rockeries and containers. It also works well in flowerbeds and does well in coastal gardens due to its tolerance of salt spray. H. ochracea is perfect for borders needing year round colour.
Topfgröße 12 cm
Blütezeit Juni-August
Winterhart ja
Lieferhöhe der Pflanze 15 cm
Höhe Gartenpflanze, für Kübel, Kästen, Wintergarten