Gypsophila paniculata Weiße Spitzen

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Product description

This description is for Gypsophila paniculata: Gypsophila paniculata, also called baby’s breath, is a hardy perennial that grows to around 4ft in height. It flowers between June and August, producing a plethora of small white blooms on tall stems. These can be cut for flowering arranging, or left on the plant throughout the growing season. Baby’s breath should be planted in full sun and given well draining soil if it’s not to become a short lived perennial. G. paniculata has one long tap root and shouldn’t be moved once established as this can kill plants. It can tolerate some dryness, but needs watering through long periods of drought.
White Height
In the second year from May or June Colour
Perennials Planting time
From March until June Planting time, Flowering time