Geranium renardii

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Product description

The understated elegance of Geranium renardii or Renard geranium brings an element of fresh and casual charm to your garden. The graceful white and purple flowers with heart-shaped petals and eye-catching veins in combination with the attractive wrinkled green leaves are a gorgeous adornment to any outdoor space. Renard geranium grows in any moist and well-drained soil though it prefers poor soils. This pretty plant is ideal for areas that receive full sunlight or which are partially shaded but it will grow in shade as well. Renard geranium forms spectacular groundcover and also looks delightful in beds and borders or used for edging or underplanting. Plus, if you want to create a cheerful and welcoming wildlife garden this friendly-looking plant has an abundance of appeal that’s just right for the job.
9x9 cm Pot size, Colour
Blue-violet Flowering time
Perennials Pot size
From June until August Height