Geranium cinereum Ballerina

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Product description

This description is for Geranium cinereum: Geranium cinereum is a beautiful herbaceous perennial plant that grows to around 0.5ft in height. It has dainty pale pink flowers with purple veining during the summer, and these are made all the more stunning by the fact that they contrast wonderfully against G. cinereum’s greyish-green leaves. G. cinereum is best grown in a sunny or partially shady spot where the ground is well draining. It grows moderately fast, covering small areas quickly and, therefore, ideal for ground cover. During the drying seasons of the year it may need watering. G. cinereum is ideal for cottage gardens, rockeries and woodland settings.
Lilac-pink Flowering time
9x9 cm Pot size, Colour
Perennials Pot size
From May until September Height