Gaultheria procumbens

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Product description

Designing a garden might sometimes feel like a game of checkers – you’re not quite sure which way to proceed forward for maximum effect and might find you’ve left yourself open to defeat. However Gaultheria procumbens or checkerberry is on your side, ready to claim territory and declare victory with its lustrous oval-shaped green leaves which turn reddish-purple in winter. Blooming in summer with small pale pink or white bell-shaped flowers which give way to vibrant red berries, this dwarf shrub knows how to stake its claim in style. Suitable for most types of moist soils with good drainage, checkerberry brings colour to partially shaded and shaded areas and will make you victorious over beds and borders, rock gardens and patches of bare ground requiring cover. Plus checkerberry looks fantastic in containers, allowing it to ascend to the conqueror’s podium of the patio.
Topfgröße 10,5 cm
Liefereinheit 5 Gaulthereien
Blütenfarbe weiß