Festuca gautieri

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Product description

Festuca gautieri is commonly known as Bearskin Fescue. A low growing ornamental dwarf grass that grows in an attractive pin cushion mound with evergreen bright green foliage. The densely packed foliage sticks out from the dome; imagine a green hedgehog and youre picturing festuca gautieri. It grows to around 6 inches in height and is perfect for a rockery or a small garden. It will also grow fine in a container. It has small blue-green flowers that grow on tall stalks that protrude from the main dome of foliage. Water it well in summer and remove the dead foliage to keep your plant looking its best. Every two or three years you can divide the clump in the springtime.
Grasses Pot size
9x9 cm Pot size, Height
15-25 cm Sun requirements
Sun to partial shade