Dianthus Haytor White

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This description is for Dianthus: Dianthus is a genus consisting of around 300 species. Some of which youll probably have heard of as theyre common garden flowers that are easy to grow, such as Carnations and Sweet Williams. Most species of dianthus have narrow leaves that are a blue-grey colour. They have five petaled flowers, generally with a frilly edge to them, and nearly all species are some shade of pink, from pastel to bright or dark pink. Many species have a pleasant and strong scent. It is thought that the colour pink is actually named after these flowers, the edge appearing to be pinked which means to cut in a perforated pattern.
Topfgröße 9x9 cm
Colour weiß
Standort sonnig
Blütezeit Mai-Juli
Höhe 25-30 cm