Cornus sericea Flaviramea

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Product description

This description is for Cornus sericea: Cornus sericea is a deciduous shrub . Also known as red twig dogwood, C. sericea produces small white flowers in May and June. These develop into berries later in the season, accompanied by a change of foliage from dark green to reddish-purple. However, it is C. sericeas bright red stems that are most notable, and these provide fantastic winter colour. Red twig dogwood is best grown in a sunny spot that has well-drainedgood drainage and moist soil as these conditions will encourage the most vivid winter stems. However, C. sericea will grow well in most soil types and can also thrive in partial shade.
80-100 cm Height
Topfgröße Pot size
10 litres Pot size, Size when delivered
up to 3 m Sun requirements