Clematis vitalba

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Perhaps it is the curious seed heads that emerge in autumn that earned Clematis vitalba the equally curious common name, Old Mans Beard. But the mangle of long wispy appendages that grows from its fruit is only one part of its charm. Also known as Wild Clematis, Clematis vitalba has pale greeny-white blossoms with four lance-shaped petals and a star-burst of white stamens from a pale yellow centre. Emerging in small clusters, they stand out dramatically against the dark green, glossy, oval leaves. Perfect as cover for walls and garden trellises, Wild Clematis loves fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Some minor pruning in late winter is recommended.
Topfgröße 2L Container
Colour Colour
Verkaufsgröße 75 cm
Blütezeit Juli-September
75 cm 2,5-3, 5 m