Carex oshimensis Everest

Semiaquatic Plants
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This description is for Carex oshimensis: Carex oshimensis is a member of the ornamental grass family known as Sedge. It sports narrow, arching leaves and is grown for foliage only. Ideal for areas where you want to add texture, such as flowerbeds and borders, containers or an informal area of the garden. It’s a really easy plant to grow and requires little on-going care, making it perfect for a low maintenance garden. Plant in full sunlight or partial shade for the best results, and rest assured that it can cope with the very worst weather that Mother Nature can throw at it.
Remarks immergrün
Topfgröße 13 cm
Colour dunkelgrüne Halme mit cremefarbenen Rand
Blütezeit Juli
Höhe ja